Healthy "Deviled" Eggs

I really like this quick and simple recipe as a filling snack in the afternoon that will not raise your blood sugar or as a quick protein source in the morning to accompany some fruit to make a tasty portable breakfast.

Nutritionally the egg white offers good protein and the hummus adds fiber to fill you up and healthy omega 3 rich fats to fight inflammation. Adding salsa not only offers some zest, but also adds antioxidants from the tomatoes and other salsa ingredients. This can be prepared the night before so you can pack this up and take it with you to eat after exercising or during a break at work.

See the homemade hummus recipe if you want to save money and have an even better tasting dish and if you want to see how easy this is to make click here: Dr. Lane's kitchen

Healthy Deviled Eggs 

hard boiled eggs

hot sauce, and/or salsa   
Hard boil eggs (about 12-14 minutes)
Remove yoke with spoon
Replace yoke with hummus 

top with paprika or hot sauce or salsa

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