First Step to Improving your Health May be Unlocking your Smile not your Gym Bag

                                          Foundation of Good Health

Anyone that has built or bought a house knows that one of the most important things about a house is the foundation.  If it’s done poorly, the entire structure of the house is at risk and no matter how well the rest was built, the house could be doomed.
Holistically speaking, I believe that in regards to the health of our bodies, emotional wellness is the foundation for good health.   Think about it for a second. When you are stressed, do you crave steamed broccoli or do you grab the ice cream, cookies, chips and fries? The hormonal effects of stress, which we will teach you in our lifefuse program, lead to your cravings that keep you from following the diet you know is healthier for you. 
Likewise, when you are stressed, mad, or worried, how do you sleep at night?  Most of us will have trouble falling asleep or toss and turn waking frequently, or wake up tired like we never slept at all.  This leads to fatigue and a vicious cycle of caffeine and energy drinks to get through the day.  This roller coaster ride often makes exercise feel like an impossible task and that trip to the gym gets replaced by lying on the couch exhausted after work and feeling guilty for not doing all the things you planned on doing.

                                Most Struggle Improving their Diet and Fitness when Stressed

In practicing integrative medicine and wellness for years I have found that until a person can improve their emotional wellness, their attempts at diet and exercise can often be frustratingly futile.  Thus, learning techniques for stress reduction will become the foundation for your health plan and its strength will allow the framing of your house (nutrition) and the plumbing and electrical work (exercise) to reach its maximal potential.
You have to learn techniques to control stress. If left unchecked, it will cause the most cracks in the foundation.  It has been estimated that stress directly or indirectly causes up to 80% of the health conditions that people see a doctor for. It has devastating effects on your immune system causing frequent infections. It affects your heart by causing elevations in blood pressure and cholesterol. It also worsens depression and asthma. These are just a few of the many affected conditions. Imagine a young child just having learned to ride a bike going down a steep hill and not braking or slowing down as he speeds down the road.  Ultimately, he would lose control of the bike and likely crash. But if he learned to put the brakes on or even stop at intervals down the hill he would remain in control and arrive safely with a smile at the bottom of the road.  This same situation happens to us daily as we race through our day without taking breaks or slowing down to allow our bodies and mind to catch up and stay in control.  Racing thoughts, tension, and stress hormones speed ahead and cause us to emotionally and physically crash.
So as you continue on your path to a healthy lifestyle, enjoy learning and using stress reduction techniques such as breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, visualizations, music therapy and even biofeedback. I encourage you to share them with your family, friends and co-workers.  Hopefully, you and your family will end you day smiling and with a strong foundation to build upon for the rest of your life.

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