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Dr. Lane is a board certified family physician and has been in practice for over 15 years integrating traditional medicine with holistic practice and is the current Co-Chair of Medicine at Avecinia Wellness Center. He graduated magna cum laude from Harvard University where he majored in biochemistry and molecular biology and then attended Duke Medical School where he was elected into the AOA honor society, became an Albert Schweitzer fellow, and was voted “ideal physician” by his classmates. After completing his family practice residency at Bayfront Medical Center as Chief Resident, he proceeded to practice primary care in many settings that included the ICU, hospital, ER, office and even made house calls. As his interests grew in the field of preventative health he then completed the country’s only fellowship in Integrative Medicine, developed by Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona. This program truly aligned Dr. Lane’s scientific background with his passion for wellness. Having seen in practice the transformational power of lifestyle change in a patient’s health, his new professional mission is helping others discover the potential of learning how to cook at home to improve their health and even one’s athletic success.

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About DrLaneMD.com

If “food is thy medicine” then your kitchen is the pharmacy. Let me share with you my knowledge and experience in unlocking your potential to use the most up to date holistic wellness concepts to guide you in the kitchen to maximize your health, age well, and if applicable have more success in athletics.

I believe knowledge and practical application of that knowledge should go together. When I present wellness concepts they will always include a recipe or other suggestions you can use to have a head start on changing your lifestyle.

For those with families passionate about sports I will share my wife’s and my personal tips for athletic success and also our experiences raising and coaching athletic children. Our goal is to help you and your kids gain confidence and learn valuable lessons in the joy of competing and training at one’s best.

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