The Perfect Pickler

I believe one of the biggest wellness topics in the future will be the importance to our health of our own microbes (bacteria) in our gut. As amazing as it may seem, the health and diversity of the bacteria in our intestines will have a direct affect on our weight, immune system, heart disease and many other major health conditions. The more we can do through our diet to help these microbes the more they can do to help us.

In this regard, while I was first introduced to the Perfect Pickler by Dr. Andrew Weil during one of his lectures. Fermented vegetables, i.e. pickles, kraut, kimchi are considered very beneficial for these microbes, but cooking and preparing them has traditionally been very time consuming and labor intensive.

The Perfect Pickler

The Perfect Pickler contraption is only about $20 and is very easy to use. It is essentially a flask that fits onto a special air tight lid that goes onto of any wide mouth mason canning jar. The kit comes with recipes for different fermented vegetables with recommendations on which ones to use at the start. The process for making dill pickles is very easy and needs minimal ingredients. Although you do have to get used to the different fermented taste of these pickles compared to what you would buy off the shelf, all of my kids have taken to them quite quickly.

It takes about 3-4 days after starting the process until the vegetables are ready, but it is kind of fun to watch it progress. I found buying the 1/2 gallon jars to be a better use of my pickling time as one kit can only make one jar at a time so why not use a bigger jar?

In summary I highly recommend the Perfect Pickler has an inexpensive pickler kit that is easy to use and will give you one more option of increasing the number of vegetables in your diet while simultaneously nurturing your gut microbes so they can nurture you back.

For more information check out the Perfect Pickler at:

P.S. I have no financial or other ties to the Perfect Pickler and this recommendation was not solicited by the company

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